What is Outplacement?

Most large companies are familiar with outplacement services, but for those companies who are unfamiliar with the concept, outplacement services are the assistance an employer can provide to those employees affected by a layoff. Outplacement services can range from employee counseling and career guidance to resume writing, job placement help, job fair events and more. Outplacement services are designed to help make the career transition easier for laid off employees and they help you as an employer to do the right thing for displaced employees.

People can pay for outplacement themselves but it is a bonus when provided by the employer as part of a severance agreement. Outplacement normally consists of individual or group career counseling and advising. Superior (HK) Recruitment helps developing resumes and cover letters and even applying for jobs for individuals. Superior (HK) Recruitment also provides MPF services, job leads and follow-up counseling and advice.

Why Offer Outplacement?

A sustainable company provide outplacement services to assist employees to transition to a new job. They are also constantly aware of the impact of their actions, how they treat laid off employees, on the minds and hearts of their remaining employees. Pragmatically, employers offer outplacement to protect their reputations as desirable employers, to earn the trust and loyalty from the employees.

“…Financial assistance, outplacement assistance, and communications. With regard to financial and outplacement assistance, the best companies tend to be uncommonly generous and helpful in what they do for employees.

“Thus, while a fairly typical severance for lower-paid employees, companies may offer more for employees, plus assistance with other coverage.

“While it has become the norm in industry to provide outplacement assistance for finding a new position, these companies might provide supplements such as financial consultation and an allowance for retraining costs.

“They will usually guarantee laid-off employees priority consideration for rehire when business conditions improve.”

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